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It's In Their Blood - REVIEWS - 5 Stars Across The Board!!

 "It's In Their Blood" by Scott Lee Needham is an enjoyable and moving read. The story is unique and meaningful, and it kept me engaged. It moved me to tears of sorrow and to tears of joy! Vaudeville and Hollywood fame; success and failure; relationships broken and re-united; surprise and anticipation as the author travels thousands of miles across the United States of America to uncover the pieces of the story that had yet to be pieced together. It's all here in this historical, biographical Memoir that is fast moving, yet reflective. Also included in the book are several great photos that shed additional light on the story and deepen the experience of the reader. ~C.G.


This is a wonderful story, wonderfully told. ~A.C.


A person who loves the arts and the history of entertainment in America will be intrigued by this book. Before the movies, Vaudeville entertainers brought music and laughter to the small isolated farm towns throughout the midwest. The author's mother, aunt and uncle were orphaned at a very young age when Vaudeville was replaced with cinema. Vaudeville parents were thrown into abject poverty and many were forced to abandon their children. Mr. Needham took a personal journey to find his family's roots and he diligently traveled and researched the towns and the old theaters. In his search for family history, he found his mother's brother who had been adopted at a very young age. The irony, he and his mother had been watching him on television for many years! ~C.B.


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